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The collective and proactive efforts of a community mean the difference between poverty and prosperity. The Arizona Western College Foundation is proud to partner with community organizations and businesses in a dedicated effort to make a degree or certificate accessible and attainable for everyone. By leveraging resources and funding sources, our community partners play a critical role in our joint mission to inspire and support students’ long-term educational goals.

SVN Commercial Real Estate Drone Video Scholarship

SVN Commercial Real Estate Drone Video Scholarship

SVN, in partnership with the AWC Foundation, the AWC Career and Technical Division, and Unmanned Aerial Systems/Drone program, will provide a $500 internship opportunity to students who are pursuing their Unmanned Aerial Systems degree or certificate in exchange for 50 hours of filming, editing, and production of commercial real estate drone video.

About SVN | Velocity Commercial Real Estate

Notions of constant and never ending improvement (Velocity) are what drive SVN | Velocity Commercial Real Estate.  SVN | Velocity was founded with the idea that commercial real estate professionals have an enormous responsibility to promote the business, entrepreneurship, and investment activities in their respective communities.  In fact, this notion is part of the SVN | Velocity mission.  It is our goal and honor to promote the business, entrepreneurship, and investment activities within Yuma County.  Doing so with passion is imperative to the future success of the region.  

Increased Capital formation, investments, and growth are critical to Yuma County and allows the many communities within the area to flourish and be amazing places to work, live, and play.    

Our team has a devotion to the craft as professional commercial real estate advisors and work diligently to promote the community and the greater Yuma County.  We are a team of hardworking, focused professionals with a passion for self-improvement, and we exemplify the Velocity mindset of constant and never ending improvement. ​

SVN Commercial Real Estate


The Southwest Technical Education District of Yuma Support Fund is a vehicle for community members to make a lasting difference in their community. The central purpose of STEDY Support Fund is to serve the needs and philanthropic aims of donors who wish to better the Yuma community career and technical education, now and in the future. The STEDY Support Fund does this by providing donors with flexible, efficient, and tax-effective ways to ensure their charitable giving achieves the greatest possible impact.

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Assistance League of Yuma Scholarship

Proud to help Yuma County for 48 years

Assistance League of Yuma continues to carry out its mission to serve those in need through the gift of volunteer service. Assistance League of Yuma is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpolitical, nonsectarian organization serving the emotional and physical needs of children and adults of all ages regardless of race or creed. Proceeds from Assistance League of Yuma fundraising activities and projects are returned to philanthropic programs. Assistance League of Yuma is a chapter of the National Assistance League. National Assistance League provides ongoing guidance, assistance, and educational opportunities to chapters to enhance member leadership and promote community service.


Assistance League of Yuma is dedicated to the community through its philanthropic programs.

The main source of income to support our programs is derived from the sale of goods at our Assistance League Thrift Shop, located at 1054 S. 4th Avenue. Additional funding is sought each year from individual cash donations gifts, and grants.  AWC Foundation is proud to partner with the Assistance League of Yuma to support students pursuing an occupational certificate or degree.

Pitch In! Partners

Did you know that many of our students are juggling work, families AND college? Their commitment to earning a degree or certificate to provide a better future for themselves and their families takes a toll and we want to help. A $500 scholarship covers the tuition cost for six credits or the equivalent of half time enrollment. This makes a world of difference. Join our community of givers who believe that college changes lives and become a Pitch In! Partner today.

Nova Home Loans

Nova Home Loans

Yuma is fortunate to have such an amazing school as Arizona Western College! AWC offers many great programs that will help you further your education. I had the pleasure of attending AWC and still to this day use the skills that I was taught. The Todd Craig Team is honored to be able to sponsor and help students with their academic journey!

Todd Craig

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Corona Optique

Corona Optique