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Hall of Fame Nomination

Arizona Western College is seeking nominations for the AWC Hall of Fame Award.

The AWC Hall of Fame Award Criteria encourage a broad range of nominees who have made a significant contribution to the mission of the college or distinguished themselves in service to the larger world.   

Nominations will be accepted in four categories: Student (eligible after 3 years of separation from AWC), Faculty or Staff (eligible 3 years after separation or after 10 years of active service), Teams (academic or athletic teams who win a state or national championship), and Community Leader (eligible after three years of distinguished support or service to AWC).

Contact Information

Who are you nominating?

Nominee is
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Contact Information for Nominee

If deceased, suggested representative of nominee

Basis for Nomination

Please chose a category below to continue the nomination.


Student Basis for Nomination

Did nominee attend at least one year AND been separated from the college at least 3 years?
Did the nominee graduate from AWC?
* This is not a requirement for nomination.

Detail how the nominee brings prominence to AWC by achieving outstanding success in his or her career. This might include national or regional leadership or recognition for accomplishments of a newsworthy nature, or it might include improving the lives of others through a sustained pattern of significant service. Nominee must have achieved some recognition in their career or other endeavors after college.

Faculty/Staff Basis for Nomination

Did nominee work at AWC for at least 10 years AND been separated from the college 3 years or more?
Was the most significant contribution mentioned in the nomination initiated and/or completed while working at AWC?
* This is not a requirement for nomination.

Detail how the nominee made a major contribution to the college or the community, either through a body of work, or at a noteworthy one-time event, award, or accomplishment.

Team Basis for Nomination

Did the team nominated win a state or NJCAA national championship?

If the team achieved a feat of historical significance beyond a state or national championship, provide details below:

Community Leader Basis for Nomination

Has the nominee provided at least 3 years of distinguished service or support to AWC?

Detail how the nominee actively supported the college or the mission of higher education in the greater Yuma and/or La Paz region for a period of at least three years or more. Detail how the nominee made efforts that positively affected Arizona Western College or a group of students at AWC, making the college experience more meaningful for students.

Include up to three links or attachments to evidence of outstanding support, such as news coverage or supporting materials. (limit attachments to 3 max)
Maximum 3 files.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg, jpeg, png, txt, rtf, pdf, docx, pptx, xlsx.

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